We’re a
business made up of forward thinkers and spice experts!

TransFood Lanka is an export company offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to buyers specially from EU countries.

We are known for our “ever so tasty” spices grown and nurtured here in our native state Sri Lanka; these spices are of great quality, with every dust of powder you add to your curry or biriyani, voila! You have a splendid taste in your tongue that you’ll never forget!

Name any Sri Lankan who doesn’t have their evening tea without a fresh Ceylon Tea!

You get the chance to witness great taste of Sri Lanka even in the European states where we sell our Products with the best price and quality. Not only do we export spices but we also have varieties of other kitchen requirements like, flour, Rice, Palm Jaggery and much much more. Healthy red raw rice, we don’t need to mention what health benefits you gain from it!!

TransFood Lanka Exports native Sri Lankan TEA too. We help in witnessing your Lankan Taste in the European World…



Tel: 877-45-44-33
E-Mail: shop@tflanka.com

No: 58/E, Majeediya Estate,
Gothatuwa, Sri Lanka.